29 April 2022

Rebound day as expected, but be careful – #SP500 #Nasdaq100 FTMIB #Oil – April 29, 2022 (pubblicato alle ore 09:41)

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Rebound day as expected, but be careful – SP500 Nasdaq100 FTMIB Oil – April 29, 2022

The expected bounce near oversold on SP500 and Nasdaq was there. Good some quarters (Apple), bad others (Amazon). But after the close the enthusiasm waned. Facebook was very good with +17% even if the growth of revenues was affected by competition from TikTok. Paypal was also excellent, with a closing +11,48%.


FTMIB +0,95%
DAX +1,35%
EuroStoXX +1,13%
Nasdaq 100 +3,48%
S&P500 +2,47%

VIX -5,09%

Our spread is 182 and oil has reached $105.80 a barrel

And there was a rebound, but now we must be careful

Yesterday the stock exchanges made a remarkable jump up with percentages that have not been seen in a while. But be careful because in the afterhour the futures immediately turned around, losing many positions gained earlier.

Amazon’s data was very disappointing. Apple on the other hand had good results, but predicted that problems with the supply chain would cost $4 billion to $8 billion in revenue during the current quarter.

Chinese stocks rose more than 2% and the Hang Seng Tech index by about 9% following the engagement of China’s top leaders. Markets are betting on a possible easing of the Internet crackdown.

Technical analysis and signals on 1-day candlestick

S&P 500 

Yesterday’s bounce brought the price just below the stop loss of the short.

Prices bounced off the 400-period daily average (red line), the last relevant support on the daily picture.

  • Short (and/or close Long) on SPX at the price of 4287
    STOP LOSS / Reversal price: 4290

Swing high: 4512.94.
Swing low: 4370.3

Updated signals  HERE


Same story for the Nasdaq100, rebound with prices below the reversal price. Caution.

Our model signals short on all time frames considered (daily, weekly, monthly). MACD negative, ADX negative m decreasing. Prices below the KUMO. We are still on an important support level 13000 .

Nasdaq 100 – daily candlestick
  • Short (and/or close Long) on NDX at the price of 13456
    STOP LOSS / Reversal price: 13460

    Swing high: 14277.21.
    Swing low: 13788.96

    Updated signals HERE


The Italian index lives a life of its own, heedless of the economic disaster on which we are sitting between public debt, energy costs, inflation, huge risks arising from the conflict in Ukraine and the food crisis in Africa that will expose us to enormous consequences. The chart below already marks a temporary LONG because it was taken after this morning’s opening (at 9:19 the index is +1%). Yesterday’s close was SHORT, however, with the price arriving below the reversal level.  With the spread so high there is no reason to be calm. Who knows what agreements Draghi will take in May when he will “talk” with Biden.

MACD negative, Adx negative but reducing the bearish push. With today’s close at this price level – 24300 – we open a long on a daily candlestick. But it is Friday and in the weekend anything can happen.

FTMIB – cfd daily candlestick
  • Short (and/or close long) on FTMIB at the price of 24026
    STOP LOSS / Reversal price: 24224

    Swing high: 24983.63.
    Swing low: 24354.89

    Updated signals HERE


Oil has also reversed the trend, we said it yesterday about the possible movement. The long has been triggered but we are still below the Kumo and with MACD at zero. Our operations always at tight time frames.

OIL – Future daily candlestick
  • Long (and/or close Short) on CL1! at the price of 105STOP LOSS / Reversal price: 99

    Swing high: 109
    Swing low: 95.28

    Our LONG / SHORT levels and targets in the section Trading SIgnals

This is just our trading and not an invitation to trade the financial markets.

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