4 May 2022

US indexes flat waiting for FED to speak today – #SP500 #Nasdaq100 #FTMIB #Oil – May 4, 2022 (pubblicato alle ore 08:17)

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US indexes flat waiting for FED to speak today – SP500 Nasdaq100 FTMIB Oil – May 4, 2022

Futures flat waiting for the FED and Powell’s speech . Will they raise rates by 0.5 or will they go up to 0.75 as some analysts say ?


FTMIB +1,61%
DAX +0,72
EuroStoXX +0,77%
Nasdaq 100 +0,11%%%.
S&P500 +0,48%

VIX -3.17%.

BTP/Bund spread is at190.3 and oil has reached 103.75 dollars

Rate increase and reduction of US balance sheets

The Fed is expected to raise rates by 50 basis points today, in what would be the largest increase since 2000. The FOMC will also likely unveil long-awaited plans to reduce the Fed’s balance sheet starting with an outflow of maturing securities, which could begin this month. Jerome Powell may hint at further hikes, but probably won’t discuss their scope.

Next up will be the BOE, which could raise rates tomorrow to the highest in 13 years.

Also for ECB, it is time to start taming inflation, and a rate hike could come as early as July.

Signal analysis on 1-day candlestickS&P 500 

Still clinging to the 400-period average. The area around 4180 remains a key support. All indicators negative.

SP500 – daily candlestick
  • Short (and/or close Long) on SPX at the price of 4175
    STOP LOSS / Reversal price: 4250CURRENT SWINGS
    Swing high: 4308.45.
    Swing low: 4370.3

SP500 trading signals


Always around the support between 13000 and 13100.  If the descent starts, a first target would be around 12000.

NAsdaq100 – daily candlestick
  • Short (and/or close Long) on NDX at the price of 13089
    STOP LOSS / Reversal price: 13296CURRENT SWINGS
    Swing high: 13542.
    Swing low: 13788.9

Nasdaq 100 Trading Signals


Yesterday prices moved towards the upper part of the KUMO and are stuck between the two swings below. The exit from these two extremes will be an indication of future movement. It is important to hold the price level at 23570, which if violated downwards would bring prices to 21000

FTMIB- Daily Candlestick
  • Long (and/or close Short) on FTMIB at the price of 24209
    STOP LOSS / Reversal price: 23709CURRENT SWINGS
    Swing high: 24408
    Swing low: 23304

FTMIB Trading Signals


It is moving sideways, but with wide fluctuations. Prices below the Kumo and always above the short trend line. MACD extremely flat. It could be an accumulation phase in order to start strongly upwards again.  Relevant movements above and below the two indicated swings.

Oil . Future – Daily Candlestick
  • Long (and/or close Short) on CL1! at the price of 103.53
    STOP LOSS / Reversal price: 99CURRENT SWINGS
    Swing high: 107
    Swing low: 95

OIL Trading Signals

This is just our trading and not an invitation to trade in the financial markets.

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